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Being consistent is hard, and I failed

Being consistent is hard, and I failed! Several months ago, I decided to commit to being better on social, and through that decision I wanted to select a single platform to focus on. I chose LinkedIn.

Like many things, I did well at first. I was posting, growing in my connections, and in general, finding my people. Then out of nowhere, I hit a roadblock. My brain became fuzzy. I didn't want to post. I couldn't get my words out. I even developed this frustration every time I looked at my laptop hanging halfway out of my back pack. Not just frustration, like a severe disgust with my laptop, type frustration. So, I paused.

I didn't stop. I didn't quit, I paused. I took a breath and regrouped. It was about a 3-week break, which in and of itself, the amount of time is truly irrelevant. I didn't specifically pick 3 weeks, I just found it again today and decided to talk about it.

My failure and struggle, helped me find success again. If failure has a purpose, it is so we can learn. I typically say we don't lose: we learn. At first it was a way for me to not acknowledge losing, because I absolutely can't stand losing. So, I chose not to lose, I just learn.

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