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What is normal, may not be normal at all.

Interest rates aren't up, they are just back to normal. Insurance carriers changing 12 month auto policies to 6 month auto policies isn't new; its just a change back to where it used to be.

We have lived in a cycle of incredible prosperity and stability for so long (well except for that pandemic thing not too long ago), that we have normalized some things that are, well, not normal. A major insurance carrier CEO is taking heat for the audacity to steer his organization back to the idea that employees should physically gather in a common place to collaborate face to face and do work. But I sold my house and moved across the country, you can't do that!

He can do that. You don't have to stay. You made a long term decision based on a short term view of normal.

Shame on leadership for making forever statements and promises that they could never keep. Shame on employees for thinking that current leadership has the power and authority to never say never for future decisions. Yes, I agree that the world has changed and it will never be exactly like it was pre-pandemic, but to normalize things to the point that change is not possible is also a mistake.

Tonya Lied and I talk about changes and norms in Episode 131 of the IA Forward podcast. Check it and out and let us know what you think! #iaforward#leadership#podcast#change#insurance

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