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Relationships are Everything

Relationships are everything! Yes, you need food and water and air and shelter, but you understand, right?

I was reminded of the importance of relationship over the past week at the Integra Insurance Services Partner Agency Conference. What an incredible and talented group of agency owners and Insurance Carrier Partners that we are fortunate and blessed to work with every day.

Market conditions are tough, but market cycles come and go. Believe it or not, this hard market cycle is going to end and we will find ourselves talking about how "soft" the market is once again! However, relationships must rise above the market cycles. We must not make a short-term decision that ruin's a long-term relationship; unfortunately that is very easy to do right now. It doesn't matter if you are on the agency side of the business or the carrier side of the business, stress is high everywhere. So how about this. Be Nice!

Tonya Lied and I talk about this very thing in one of our recent IA Forward Podcasts (Carrier Relationships and MLB's New Rules). The Independent Insurance Agency business is an infinite game business and relationships are one of the key ingredients. #relationships #insurance #insuranceagency #insuranceagent #insurancepodcast #iaforward #hardmarket

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