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The AARP Packet

I received an AARP packet in the mail yesterday. Depressing! I was having a great birthday, officially turning half a hundred. I mean it was great until I checked the mail.

First of all, it is extremely impressive that I received the packet on my official birthday. The exact day. I'm not sure how that's possible with today's snail mail, but they did it and I am impressed.

I've never struggled with milestone birthday's. 40 was just another day. 50, just another day (and a Monday at that). Some people do, and I get it. My energy has never been higher and my focus has never been better. Maybe it's the empty nest. I really believe its simply that I love what I do and the people that I do it with. Attitude is a choice!

I have failed a lot, but I have also had a lot of success. The failing led to the success, no doubt. In Episode 149 of the IA Forward podcast, Tonya Lied and I reminisce about my lessons learned over the first half of my #insurance career. I say first half, because 50 is the new 30, right? I mean JLO is 54 and Kevin Costner is 68, and they are killing it! So, 50 is just getting started! #iaforward#independentagent#podcast#justgettingstarted#vintage

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