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Find your sunlight.

My 3.8-pound chihuahua loves her sunlight. If they had contests for lounging in the sun while in air-conditioned comfort, Maribelle would win the small dog category every time.

The Cute Boy and I moved into a new home about three weeks ago, and it has been interesting to watch Maribelle adjust to her new space. In our previous house, she would spend the mornings basking in the sunroom/TCB’s office and her afternoons in the living room, only waking up to adjust her blanket to modify her perfect nest in the sun.

Our new home has different angles for the sun. The skylights are smaller, the sunroom doesn’t face the same direction, and our living/working spaces are in separate parts of the house. But this doesn’t seem to bother Maribelle. She finds her sunlight wherever and whenever she can.

Does this mean that she moves around more? Yes. Does it mean dragging her blanket from room to room to chase the sunlight? Absolutely. But she never seems to get upset. It seems like more of a “where do I get to know next” mindset instead of “why do I have to make this change.”

This is my challenge to myself (and to you, should you choose to accept it): Find your sunlight. It’s okay to drag your blanket with you. It’s okay if it’s a completely different space for you. It’s okay to not be sure exactly where you are going. Know that coming out of the darkness and into the light might cause you to need some sunglasses (help). But get excited about finding your sunlight.

In Episode 156 of the IA Forward podcast, Shane Tatum and I discuss College Football and the idea that it takes both traditionally great teams (Alabama) and the exciting new teams (Colorado) to keep our autumn Saturdays interesting. Same thing in business. Take care of the people who have always taken care of you, but be excited about new opportunities. Find your sunlight, embrace the changes, and see your challenges, not as threats, but as opportunities to astonish yourself.


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