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Getting Unstuck!

Sometimes its hard! More than anything getting unstuck begins with simply starting something. Anything. Something little, something big. I prefer something small because you can get a quick win and winning creates momentum.

One of the sayings I have heard most of life is "I have a case of the don't's".

I am pretty sure that is the worse use of grammar, ever, but it always resonates with people, and people usually understand. If you want to veg out and do nothing, you probably have a case of the don't's (my spelling can't be wrong because its not a word). My newest weakness is wasting a ridiculous amount of time on reels and not realizing I just lost an hour of my life that I will never get back.

This time of year, its easy to get stuck and need some unsticking. Summer is ending, your tired. You are praying for school to start so your family will have some structure again. Even as an empty nester, I was excited for school to start this year. I was tired because the people around me were tired. Don't fret if your stuck, getting unstuck is possible.

In Episode 148 of the IA Forward we talk about getting unstuck. Check it out! #insurance#independentagent#iaforward#stuck#unstuck

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