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Age Is Just A Number

Age is just a number. Especially when it comes to starting and owning an Independent Insurance Agency. This resonates with me more today than it did a few years ago. I do believe it's true, God and health willing.

Starting over, or starting for the first time isn't an age thing. It's a passion thing and an effort thing. It doesn't matter if you are 25 or 45 or 65. If you are passionate and willing to put in the effort, then let's go!

I get that you may not want to work that hard again, and that's valid. You are comfortable, in solid financial shape, and thinking retirement is a feasible horizon you can see. So, stay where you are and keep doing what you are doing, nothing to sweat!

However, if you are miserable, and you think that going IA is where you should be, or the thought of making the Producer to Agency Owner leap makes your energy meter jump, don't let age make your decision for you. It is truly effort and passion, based on my experiences (about 150X so far). We elaborate a little more on the 3/27/23 IA Forward Podcast!

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